My interests in materials, surfaces and textiles have been the focal point of my final year design work. Through researching new materials and bio-fabricated textiles, I created concepts to aid the fast fashion crisis and the effect it has on the earth as a whole. ‘Spore-Tex’ and ‘Future of Fabrication’ both explore solutions to slow down the production of textiles made for fashion, whilst also highlighting the impact the clothes we wear have on the environment.

I believe my work has a care-centred element that evolves in different ways through a variety of topics. From ethical materials to dyslexic learning aids, I am interested in solving problems and always with the greater good in mind.


Spore-Tex was created in response to a brief regarding biomimicry in textiles, looking into natures’ answers to man-made materials in the hope to discover a fully circular method of creating fabric. Spore-Tex is the sustainable solution to technical outerwear, using mushroom root Mycelium to grow a biodegradable material which can be manufactured into garments.

The outerwear industry relies on toxic plastics and complex designs that make their garments impossible to recycle, meaning they stay on the earth forever. As a direct solution to Gore-Tex fabric technologies, Spore-Tex provides an ethical and grown solution to outdoor clothing. 

Through its naturally slow manufacturing process, the fabric itself revolts against the fast fashion crisis and allows consumers to fully understand what their clothes are made of, how they are made and the environmental effects of their production. 


spore tex
spore tex
Future of Fabrication

Future of Fabrication is an educational handbook aimed at promoting ethical production within the fashion industry by providing alternative materials to those that will stay on the earth forever. Future of Fabrication celebrates sustainable and inherently anti-capitalist matter that decelerates over consumption, waste and fast fashion.

Pleats Studio

Pleats Studio was created with the ethos of tying the knot between digital and practical design. Working alongside Co-Founder Emily Waterfield, we based our student agency around maintaining a tactile element to design whilst limited to communicating digitally.

Working alongside our mentor studio, London based Good Shape Studio we have worked on a variety of conceptual and commercial briefs.



Logo designed for Ampersand branding and identity brief. Pleats' designs were selected to be used for Ampersand events in 2023.

Ampersand is an Exhibition and 2 Day Conference or Symposium planned with a Letterpress and bookbinding focus for 23-24 June 2023 at Edinburgh College of Art. It will be the first significant exhibition of letterpress work shown at the college for 25 years.

Ampersand logo