Jeremy Newman is a designer whose projects revolve around solving problems on a variety of issues. The outcomes of these creative investigations are not your typical design solutions. Whilst some utilise traditional 2D designs, others take on more elaborate concepts.

Newman believes that the idea behind the design always takes precedent and should not be limited to any particular form of media. The idea is the spice of life behind the outcome. As such, trying new design forms is a part of the process and something that Newman embraces not fears. His projects therefore celebrates experimentation and tends toward humorous resolutions.

Project 1 - What Makes a Book a Book?

He investigated what characteristics make a book a book and how these could be applied to any object. For example, books are a convenient form of storytelling, small enough to fit in a pocket. In the same way shoes are an even more convenient wearable book, fitted to your feet.

Rubber shoe soles with noughts and crosses on. expand
Noughts and Crosses shoe soles.
Shoe imprints in sand
How they Work

These soles allow you to play noughts and crosses with your feet. Placing your left foot on mud, sand, etc. to create the grid and your right toe and heal to place an X and O. These shoes become a tool of communication much like a book. Some say it could revolutionise board games on the go.

shoes on bookshelf
Rubber soles on shoes.
Project 2 - Care to Kick Campaign

Care to Kick Campaign - This guerrilla marketing campaign focuses on getting Rugby fans to recycle their waste through this humorous method of ‘converting’ their recycling. These attachable boards can be placed on bins around Rugby stadiums to incentivise the fans, making the mundane action of throwing litter away into a game.

The attachable board
Attachable board mimicking Rugby posts.
Drop kicking a bottle into a bin.
Instructions for guerrilla marketing campaign
Executing the campaign
Kicking a plastic bottle into a bin.
Converting litter with a kick.
Different attachable boards.
Adaptable designs and sizes for different bins.
Project 3 - Black Ash Manifesto

A Manifesto for Black Ash Elderflower drinks company. Encompassing their values, personality and product. The Manifesto takes both a digital and physical form. The downward concertina reflecting that of an ancient scroll.

Front Cover
Illustrations by Jemima Mills
Example Spread 2
Publication folding down staircase
2 1/2 Metre Long Concertina
Example spread
Spread sheet expand