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The project, a house for animator twins, derived from the development of an experimental animation film and a notational ‘spatial script’ abstracted from the final scene. This drawing was used as a starting point for the project and treated as a site through which to explore the potentials of a constructed topography. From there, an architectural strategy was extracted from the drawing, shaping the building and landscape conditions. A process of intensification through folding was explored in all aspects of the project, from landscape elements to programmatic composition. Meanwhile, the cartographical approach that had been established in initial surveys of found objects was extended in the design process. As with the film, the design emerged out of a process of collecting and drawing, with accumulating sequential explorations leading to a project of folds and layers. 

Sited on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, sand, dust and wind infiltrates and is animated by the building through a system of fins, screens and channels. Reading on the cultural history of dust led to Man Ray’s Dust Breeding his enigmatic photograph of Marcel Duchamp's The Large Glass – becoming an important reference. This was a starting point for specifying the project further, by allowing the animators to become ‘dust breeders’ – animators of dust. This in turn informed the architectural infrastructures required for their activities and for the screening of the films they make. As an architecture that topographically channels wind, the project constructs a relation with the remarkable historical vinicultural landscapes of Lanzarote. 

Building proposal / View from road LZ-30 expand
Building proposal / View from road LZ-30
Speculative landscape conditions / topography expand
Speculative landscape conditions / topography
Speculative landscape conditions / materiality expand
Speculative landscape conditions / materiality
La Geria site conditions / Volcanoes and vineyards expand
La Geria site conditions / Volcanoes and vineyards
La Geria site conditions / Wind and dust expand
La Geria site conditions / Wind and dust
Architectural elements / public spaces expand
Architectural elements / public spaces
Architectural elements / animation studio expand
Architectural elements / animation studio
Architectural elements / auditorium expand
Architectural elements / auditorium
Architectural elements / domestic wing expand
Architectural elements / domestic wing
Perspective section / animation studio expand
Perspective section / animation studio
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