Project description

Stretching across the old and new walls, the mat breaks the barrier between inside and outside, the old city and new city, connecting all through the landscape of the park along the river.


The project reproduces principles of mat-building, which has its own logic of growing—the module. The flexible exchange of internal and external environment, continuous flow line, high density of horizontal courtyard and close relationship between the city are four features of the mat-building. The introduction of mat-building will enhance the communication between the old city and the new city, and increase greening opportunities for the whole city. The plants in the high-density courtyards bring moist ecological climate and the biological filtration technology for water reuse. Thus the 'wetness' of Ahmedabad is realized as an environmental cooling and ecological and biodiversity gain. In addition, inspired by the old walls, thick walls are set as perimeter structures to the new mat-buildings. The thick wall is regarded as an architectural space, which includes the ground, traffic, seats, doors and windows as environmental mediators between inside and outside. This in-between space not only enriches the functions, but also brings coolness to the interior.


It is a campus designed for both city and college residents. Most of the building units are classrooms, while the building that straddles the old and the new walls offer public facilities. The walls blend: not only do the mat-building walls break the relentlessness of the riverfront walls, the new rhythmic structures also carry forward the charm of the old city walls.

Axonometric Drawing of Mat Campus
Mat Campus
Model of Mat Campus
Mat Campus_Model
Site Plan of Mat Campus expand
Mat Campus_Site Plan
Section1-1 of Mat Campus
Mat Campus_Section1-1
Worm Sight View of Mat Campus
Mat Campus_Worm Sight View
Axonometric Drawing of Classroom1
Classroom_Axonometric Drawing1
Axonometric Drawing of Classroom2
Classroom_Axonometric Drawing2
Perspective Drawing of Classroom
Classroom_Axonometric Drawing1
Axonometric Drawing of Gallery
Gallery_Axonometric Drawing
Perspective Drawing of Gallery
Gallery_Perspective Drawing
Axonometric Drawing of Pavilion
Pavilion_Axonometric Drawing
Perspective Drawing of Pavilion
Pavilion_Perspective Drawing
Axonometric Drawing of Library
Library_Axonometric Drawing
Perspective Drawing of Library
Library_Perspective Drawing
Axonometric Drawing of Thick Walls
Thick Wall_Axonometric Drawing
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