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Foregrounding Ahmedabad is a project of reuniting the Sabarmati River and the Ahmedabad old town through water and architecture.  A Hindu mythological notion suggests the goddess Ganga fell on the Himalaya Mountains; she became rivers and other forms of water body to bring fertility to the land. The existing Sabarmati Riverfront has been segregated from the city by a sharp-edged concrete retaining wall, isolating folk from the Descent of Ganga

The project proposes a series of civic architectures along the Sabarmati Riverfront on the old city bank, creating a range of open spaces and public facilities which the old city is currently lacking. Inspired by the fabric markets in the old town, the lushness and moments within these fabric markets are extracted as gestures and further developed into a new architectural language. The proposed architecture will be erected on the existing concrete retaining wall and recrafted as the Otla[1] of the new civic institutions. 

The architecture of Foregrounding Ahmedabad is also the Otla of the city and the Otla of Ganga. Each building along the New Wall contains a mini water factory, which leads the river into the building as a part of the natural ventilation system, it also supplies the filtered river water into the old city to establish a city scaled irrigation system. Each architecture on this water network serves as the “foreground” of accessing river water and the “foreground” of collecting rainwater, conveying the journey of Ganga meeting Ganga.


[1] Otla is the name given to the slightly raised loggias of the Pol houses.

The journey of Sabarmati River expand
Descent of Ganga
The Fifth City Plan expand
The Fifth City Plan
Irrigate the Old City expand
Irrigate the Old City
Axonometric of the Ahmedabad foreground expand
The New Foreground of the Old City
Exploded Diagram of the Textile Museum expand
Disassembly of the Textile Museum
G/F Plan of Textile Museum expand
Ground floor plan of the city foreground
Worm's Eye View expand
Worm's Eye View
roof plan of the riverfront expand
Roof Plan - Dry Season
roof plan of the riverfront expand
Roof Plan - Monsoon Season
Axonometric of the Textile Museum
The Textile Museum
Section of Textile Museum expand
Section of Textile Museum and Amphitheatre
Elevation of Textile Museum and Site Section expand
Elevation of Textile Museum and Site Section
Exterior Render
Museum Entrance
Exterior Render of Youth Centre
The Youth Centre on Sabarmati Riverfront
Render of Fabric Library
The Fabric Library in Textile Museum
Render of Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall in Textile Museum
Axonometric of the Underground Ventilation System expand
The Underground Ventilation System
Syntax drawing expand
Disassemble Textile Museum into Horizontal Layers
Syntax drawing expand
Disassemble Textile Museum into Vertical Layers
The Kit of Parts
The Kit of Parts
Model of Youth Centre
Model of Youth Centre
Models of Food Market and Vendor Shelter
Models of Food Market and Vendor Shelter
Models of Fish Market and Library
Models of Fish Market and Library
Exterior Render of the Fish Market
The Fish Market in Old Town
Section of Fish Market expand
Section of the Fish Market
The Film - Foregrounding Ahmedabad
Foregrounding Ahmedabad
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