project visualisation
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Gate1:entrance and the flower shop
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Gate3: stool storage and staff room
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Gate2: pier and the cafe
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Gate4: delivery spot and compost pavilions
Project description

Raft like upon the fluctuating waters of the lagoon, Venice is an island in constant negotiation with the rise and fall of the flood. This thesis emerged out of a proposed intervention into the chimeric architecture of Carlo Scarpa’s Fondazione Querini Stampalia, an architectural Venice in miniature that choreographs the acqua alta deep into its interior. Reimagining its upper floor as a form of articulated raft, a strategy to similarly negotiate the temporalities and fluctuations of the lagoon emerged.

Four Gates and the Garden of Crisantemi enables the cultivation and dissemination of white chrysanthemums, Crisantemi, within the Sacca della Misericordia on the edge of the Venetian Lagoon. Cristantemi is the flower Venetians traditionally place on the grave of loved ones and this garden forms a new gateway, by boat, to the neighbouring cemetery island of San Michele.

The reconstruction of the internal garden involves four gate-like architectures which support the flower production, each a threshold condition in dialogue with the waters of Venice – bridge, dock, harbour, canal. Together they form an enclosed garden of raised beds viewed only from above. While guarding an internal stability, the design focuses on the opportunities to invite external conditions into the space. The elevated position of both public realm and cultivated beds protect the production from the encroaching waters whilst welcoming their occasional, delimited entrance.

Cultivation Garden

Planted on raised beds, the flowers are being protected from the frequent floods of Venice. Each of the gates is placed at the opening of the site, forming a threshold that responds to the incoming water. The project aims to create a piece of safe land within the internal garden that is being affected by the unstable tide levels.

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garden plan
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garden details
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Gate1/threshold (i) bridge
Gate1: Flower Shop

On the first level, the public realm, visitors could purchase chrysanthemums bouquets before leaving for San Michele. The architecture is composed of 5 smaller 'islands' on which different activities are being performed. Gates are designed as the refuges against the climatic threats of the island conditions.

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flower shopfront
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islands composition
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the raft structure

From the exhibition walkway in the Querini Stampalia, the idea of raft is initiated to be the structural strategy of the project. Fragments of deckings and furniture are being held by a massive rib structure underneath. The whole platform stands on slender steel supports which allows the walkway appears to be floating above the ground.

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exhibition walkway
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floating platform
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a collection of rafts
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exhibition walkway section
Inhabiting the chaos

The development of design approach involves a manipulation of an artefact storm created as a tangible result of the research. The fragments are welcomed to the interior, casting shadows on the existing fabrics which then implies the design of the new intervention. The initial idea of storm invitation leads to the question of 'how architecture enhances our inhabitation within an uncontrolled environment.'

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within the storm
Storm Registration
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entering of storm
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