The site is near Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh. It is isolated because it does not have a direct connection with the areas around it. This isolation has made it necessary to institute measures that can provide a direct connection with the areas surrounding it. The main objective of the new approach is to engage the community and sustain the relationship with them, which is an important method of creating a rich ecosystem. The relationship created and sustained will create a benchmark that can be used in future care homes because of the possible peace  and quiet aspects achieved . The design proposed  maintains the architectural, emotional, landscape, social, and psychological aspects that make the space homely, which are some of the factors that can make it appealing to elderly people living there . Maintaining these factors will be important in achieving the objective of maintaining community cohesion and wellbeing. The main objective of this task is to use the social housing methodology to create spaces that can provide and maintain social interactions with older people.

Ground Floor Plan
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East Elevation
Courtyard View, entering from Care Home

Yangjie Zhan

The Care Home of the Future: ToRCH Project
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