The whole ceremony satisfies the people's commitment to personal relationships, and also satisfies their demands for a voice in society. My Ritual design divides the ceremony into three chapters, Confirm, Begin, and Share. Respectively meet to reach a calm promise, mutual sincerity, and a blend of opinions. Formally, it allows the public to participate, and all participants are equal. I want to achieve through an open ceremony starting from the social and cultural level, from bottom to top to influence the public, influence top decision-makers, and influence the system. This path is not radical, it promotes public thinking, it is a transitional social innovation method, and it is also expected to help people find better ways to get along with different marriage partners. This Marriage Ritual can be applied to different spaces and actual scenes, and it can also be iterated at the product and behavior level to apply to different cultural contexts.

Xuanhao Li

Reinterpretation of Marriage:Research on the Diversity and Stability of Marriage, Ritual and Symbolic Design