In China, more than half of children do not receive effective sex education. The parents they depend on most feel embarrassed and ashamed to talk about sex with their children. We usually only pay attention to the education of children but ignore that parents also need sex education very much. In the past, sex education was extremely scarce. Most parents never received sex education or received the wrong sex education. The lack of sex education has also caused parents and many adults to think that sex is shameful, forming an unhealthy concept of sex.


When parents educate their children on sex, it is more important to convey correct sexual concepts than to teach sex knowledge. The main reason for sexual shame is the privacy of sex and the wrong concept of sex. Therefore, I designed this anonymous online sex education workshop. Privacy is guaranteed, and parents are more comfortable and relaxed, no longer feel embarrassed, and do not have to worry about privacy leakage. While interacting with other parents, they no longer feel isolated, and can gradually accept that sex is a normal thing, so they will have the courage to talk frankly about sex with their children.

Anonymous Online Sex Education Workshop for Parents

This workshop is mainly to help parents establish a correct understanding of sex education, clarify the boundary between scientific sex and pornographic sex, establish correct sexual concepts, respect children's values and correctly understand their children's situation. At the same time, through training, desensitize the scientific terms of genitals, get rid of sexual shame, and dare to talk directly and frankly about sex with children. And learn how to talk about sex with children, in which way and what to talk about.

Anonymous Online Sex Education Workshop for Parents

Yuchan Yang

Sex Education for Parents in China