While sustainability strategizing can create real leverage and generate a positive impact the outcomes of these strategies are often hidden, difficult to read, and not transparent. My project aims to change this by making sustainability strategizing, engaging, and accessible by adopting visual communication in the process. 

'Sustain Strategy ’ is a tool that offers design consultancies to question what designing sustainably means to their practice and how these principles can be practically implemented; through three angles. The first is a website that hosts a series of workshops and contains a database of circular design resources and tailored sustainable development information. 

Next to this, a series of workshop templates that allow designers to investigate what sustainability means to them and their practice over the course of six sessions, through radical thinking, questioning habits, and exploring different frameworks.

The third angle is a colorful metric companion and helps to incentivize designing sustainably in each new project with a focus on the Pre-Design phase. This way, the metric companion offers a set of guidelines that stimulate conscious decision-making fueled by care for our planet and its inhabitants. 

Metrics companion
Metrics Companion