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It is deficient to standardise and use linear methods and frameworks to evaluate the impact from initiatives that attempt to intervene and solve wicked problems. Often, change projects are designed, delivered, monitored and assessed within the confines of predetermined expectations to produce, evidence, and report specific results. Such prescribed expectation fails to consider the context of operation, the metamorphosis of the project, the mindset of people involved and the external factors that may wield pressure to produce specified or random outcomes. This project was inspired by the broader theme of 'change', intently zooming into the fundamental dynamics of evaluating change across contested sociological questions of human wellbeing and emotions.The project's output was a design framework that communicates the complexity of evaluating intervention outcomes, particularly for multidimensional concepts of emotional worlds and wellbeing, that require long-term evidencing.


In collaboration with MASS Design Group - The Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

A full Life Project framework.

A full Life Project framework is a heuristic model suited for indicators and impact tracking of highly contested socio-psychological elements of emotions, wellbeing, quality of life. It comprises four core principles and values, four guiding ways of working and four overall main elements.This framework restores order into otherwise complex multidisciplinary ideas. 

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A full Life Project - framework applied in a case study

The framework and research was contextualised within a case study of the construction of the Ellen DeGeneres campus of the Fossey Fund in Musanze district in Rwanda. It explored how construction work wholesomely influences the construction workers wellbeing, drawing from connections between their emotional wellbeing and interactions with the building process and Fossey Fund's conservation goal.

A Life Project framework as applied in the Ellen DeGeneres Project

Betty Mwema

A Full Life Project: designing a framework for holistic evaluation of wellbeing & emotion.
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