Project description

The exhibition I am So Confused By What You’re Doing in Krotoszyce, Poland, which included 5 performative installations, and subsequent accompanying site-specific research has formed my Masters Project Krotoszyce World. Krotoszyce World is an online world (accessed with the link above), which collates the output of an artistic archive of 1 month of interventions investigating my family and biographical history in the towns of Legnica and Krotoszyce in Poland, especially in the historical context of the German and Russian occupations. The interventions include documentation of space, biography and histories through interviews, AR scanning technology, videos and photography, and the processing of my findings through performance, installation and collaboration.


Wujek Władek, Ciocia Jasia, Andrzej, Babcia, Dziadzia (2017) i Mama - dziękują za wszystkie śmiechy i żarty, inspiracje, cierpliwość i niekończącą się hojność.


Krotoszyce Exhibition Map
Krotoszyce Exhibition Poster
Krotoszyce House
The Stolen Bath
Cleansing Fountain
Portable Confessional
Mother's Cell
Anchorite Pudding Chapel
Polaroid 1
poalroid 2
polaroid 3
Other Work
Pudding Shrine
Holy Island
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Tile Dresses

Annahita Brooks

How to Abandon Society and Render Oneself a Liturgic Work of Art: Learning from Benedictine and Franciscan Medieval Monastic Treatment of Space to Create Strategies for Building an Alternative Reality Outside the Law with Art