Miss Freda Moore.
Crime scene.
Mr Conrad Baker.
Mr Conrad Baker's belongings. Receipt.
Miss Jean Stewart's belongings. Pencil.
Mr Blackford-Smith's house. London.
Mr Blackford-Smith.
Mr Blackford-Smith's belongings. Train tickets.
Mrs Helen Walters's belongings. Pearls.
Mr Conrad Baker's belongings. Photograph.

Aija Elina Nieminen is a multidisciplinary artist whose work ranges from lens-based media to sound and installation. Nieminen is interested in history, memory and old technology as well as comedy, dark narratives and performances from theatre to everyday life.

'Detective Agency 305' is a multimedia project surrounding an amateur private detective and a fictional murder mystery. It explores the ways in which we construct narratives - through objects, texts and information with varying level of reliability. The work navigates the real personal frustrations and feelings of the past year and balances them with the ridiculous and the absurd, while also reconsidering the idea of failure.