Project description

I am a Colombian Visual artist. My work attempts to reveal identities through the aesthetics of ordinary; a place, a city, a population, a house. Nowadays, I am working on my master's investigation “FARRRA”, it started with my own identity as a Colombian woman, deconstructing the international sexualization and stereotyping of Latino women. Nevertheless, the investigation has transformed into a more global understanding of the sexualization and objectification of the female body. This body of work questions the ongoing colonial perception of the female body and works as a decolonization response where the body is thought of as a form of communication a site of politics, history, and resistance.

My research process starts in different ways.  Sometimes it arises from a personal experience an example is  “I don't twerk for you motherfucker” 2021. In other cases from an idea; and in some instances from a technique or a specific material (“GlassBreast” 2020). I work with sculptural installation, and in a parallel way, with photography. I look for a dialogue between form and content. Each piece employs specific techniques that develop in accordance with what projects seek to express. In general, there is a weaving of different cultures: Japanese, Colombian, and the UK—places where I have lived for different periods.

Final Display, is a dialog between two pieces "I don't twerk for you motherfucker" and "Great Britain"

I invite you to click on the link *FARRRA Web Page* there you can download the PDF with better quality which will facilitate the narrative and view of FARRRA # 1,2,3,  It includes texts of individual pieces, exclusive photos, and links. 





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 From this point you will see FARRRA # 3 The Sculpture  pieces separately:

 "I don't twerk for you motherfucker" 2021

 Mix Media Moving sculpture

"Great Britain" 2021

 Digital paint on silk with metal infrastructure

capa pa el otro lado
 capa vertical
"Fragmented Body" 2021

Blown Glass and Metal Stand

Fragmented body
Fragmented Body
Teta y belly
" Pulling my Strings" 2019- 2021

 Mix Media Moving Sculpture

"Nipple Territory" 2021

 Mix Media Moving Sculpture 

"Glass Breast" 2019- 2020

 Blown Glass and Metal Stand 

Glass breast diagonal
Glass Breast ( close up)
Glass Breast frontal complete
 Detail of Glass Breast
Glass Breast ( close up white background)
Glass Breast ( front)
 Glass Breast front
"Glass Breast with FARRRA experience" 2020
 FARRRA Glass Breast

FARRRA#2 The Muted Party

 Installation with plaster and hand- painted sculpture and video projection

FARRRA#1 The real party 

Participatory performance


 Visualization of the space.

fragmented Body