Artist Statement

I use, as my inspiration, the elements that contribute to creating our everyday life, such as objects, activities, private-individual actions & social relations. The combination and repetition of these elements have, as a result, the formation of certain rituals that play a significant role in the accomplishment of the Everyday. By embracing the dullness & tastelessness of my daily ritualistic routine during the “Covid-19 Pandemic”, I aim to re-imagine and transform my sense of the situation that I found myself in, this past year.

The Man Who Stood Still - Short Video Animation

A man raised with the idea that humans must always move, suddenly one day just stops and stands still!

"Staying Alive"

A response to my daily routine during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Sites Project
Cave Greco

A short animation made from a photo that I took during the lockdown. It was taken from a hill near the village of Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

Larnaca Salt Lake

Another animation made with the use of a "lockdown-photo". The photo was taken at a nature trail near the Larnaca Salt Lake in Cyprus.

3D Modeling using "Blender"
Pattern design and moving image experimentation.

*Made with "Animate CC"