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The sensibility of an avaricious magpie, led by an intuitive attraction to objects, materials and ideas. Melded with a more methodical sensibility, to systematically pick things apart, carefully excavate and extract information.

These dual forces of creation and discovery, followed by analysis and disassembly govern my art practice.  Resulting in an output that is idiosyncratic and multi-layered.

Approaching artistic research as an active, rather than a passive, receptive process, I consider my research to be developed in the act of making itself, rather than existing separately as a precursor to the production of artwork.
With this in mind, my recent practice has orbited around objects that I feel an instinctive attraction to.

Objects like ‘egg’ and ‘ladder’ have a universal significance, to the degree that their existence transcends their material confines.

These object's simplicity of form, seems to invite the charge of boundless symbolic and folkloric significance.
Whilst mindful of the potency and variation in the associations these objects hold, I am keen to interrogate their materiality and ontology.  

Unpeeling the egg, layer by layer, considering the potential applications of its material properties.
Exploring how ladder and egg relate to the human body: how ladder can be understood as a kind of prosthetic, or how the surface qualities of egg can draw resonances of skin and bodily barriers.
Considering these objects as vital bodies that have lives independent to their interactions with humans.

My artistic engagement with these objects is ongoing and exceeds the confines of this site. The corpus of work presented here, particularly the weblink to Magnum Ovum, an evolving research document in the tradition of the Artist’s Book,  principally concern my enquiries into EGG.


Video Presentation Expanding on Personal Artistic Process
Illuminated Shells suspended over 2 antique mirrors
Close-up Illuminated Egg Shell Cluster
Illuminated Shell Corner Reflection 2 expand
4 suspended Illuminated Eggshell clusters expand
Suspended Illuminated Eggshell clusters reflected in antique mirrors expand
Wide view of illuminated eggs install reflected in 3 antique mirrors
Close-up Illuminated Egg Shell Cluster expand
Installation of Illuminated Eggshell Clusters Suspended over Antique Mirrors

The encasement of light within a ‘shell’ layer of blown eggs, draws on a desire to provoke the viewer’s consideration on the nature of interior and exterior spaces.

A desire to exceed our familiarity with the egg’s exterior, and entertain the idea of shifting our perspective into unfamiliar spaces, such as the interior of an egg.

Yet we encounter a strange paradox.


The accessing of an egg’s interior space and substance necessitates destruction.

The eggshell is cracked,
exposing the interior substances,
collapsing the interior space into an exterior surface.

However, in the creation and display of the illuminated eggshell clusters, I retain the integrity of egg’s interior space.

It is this elusive and fundamental ‘real estate’ that is the primary realm of focus for this work.

Inspired by egg candling, the ancient technique of using light to transcend the border between the internal and external spheres of Egg, I have installed suspended egg
shell clusters illuminated by a single light bulb.  

For the purposes of the Graduate Show, this install occupies a light and open space.
However, if installed in a different setting, in a small, dark, enclosed space, the eggshell clusters will exist as the sole coordinates for viewers navigating the installation.

Access will be limited to one, perhaps two people, facilitating the contemplation and close-looking that this work requires.

Suspended in space like clusters of planetary systems or microbial colonies, I want the viewers’ orientation and sense of scale to be disrupted, particularly without the contextualising presence of other viewers.

Anchored by these hanging clutches of shell and light, I hope viewers will have the opportunity to look beyond the apparent uniformity of the egg and marvel at their unique material qualities:
irregularity of shape,
surface texture,
colour and luminosity.

This will be a slow, meditative space.

Where egg is elevated from the locale of the kitchen counter, breakfast plate or casualty-site of the tiled floor, and displayed at, or above eye line as sites of aesthetic appreciation and contemplation.

Shell Specs: Portrait, Duck Egg Glasses expand
Shell Specs: Duck Eggs (Front) and Found Frames
Shell Specs: Duck Eggs and Found Frames expand
Photograph of Illuminated Blown Rotten Goose Egg expand
Borescope Photograph Taken Inside a Blown Rotten Goose Egg
Borescope Photograph Taken Inside a Blown Rotten Goose Egg (Alternate View 2) expand
Proposal for an installation of Illuminated Rotten Goose Egg: Full Bleed Digital Prints of Borescope Photographs taken inside Blown Rotten Goose Eggs expand
Mask made from Egg Membrane floating on Reservoir Surface expand
In a tribute to L'Inconnue de la Seine, I released a 'Membrane Mask' into a reservoir in the Pentland Hills. Mask made of extracted egg membrane laid wet onto a plastic prop mask , which dries to form a papery cast of the human face.
Profile of Mask made from Egg Membrane expand
Shell Specs: Partridge Eggs (Back) and Found Antique Frames
Shell Specs: Pheasant Eggs and Found Antique Frames expand
Shell Specs: Partridge Eggs (Front) and Found Antique Frames expand
Shell Specs: Assorted Eggs and Found Frames expand
Shell Specs: Portrait, Pheasant Egg Pince-nez expand
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