Skills & Experience
  • CYAN.RAR Exhibition in Islington Arts Factory, London
  • Relief Printing and Screen Printing skills
  • Acrylic, Watercolour and Oil Painter
Project description

Climate change has been the focus of my art production for the last three years. It is one of the biggest problems humanity has ever faced and has the inherent ability to make us feel small and useless. By making art on this topic, I hope to inspire a change of mindset surrounding the individual's role in tackling climate change; encouraging others to change their behaviours for the better. My artwork endeavours to challenge both myself and the viewer to face the obstacles of the climate crisis as a community. 

My goal is to break-down the common statement: ‘What can I do, I’m just one person’, and the impact this mind-set has on climate change. To answer this question, I created artwork which suggests individual solutions to climate change, some as simple as eating seasonal. In response to this mind-set, I created artwork inspired by the aftermath of climate change. This aftermath looks at the ever-growing endangered species list as well as the “apocalyptic landscape” left behind post-humanity. My "apocalyptic landscape" artworks frame my climate change solution works by providing a context to why it is so vital that we act now.

My collection is an eclectic mix of artwork. Most combine relief print and painting, though my love of experimental art means I have work spanning most mediums.

Innes - Rachel Wartime poster 3
Rachel Innes, Grow Your Own Food, Digital print, 20inch x 30inch
Ysgol Cymraeg Casnewydd Collaborative Wallpapers

The core of my art has always been the education of climate change, and this is represented in the wallpapers I created in collaboration with the children from Ysgol Cymraeg Casnewydd. I went into the primary school to teach climate change to years three and four, and later, years five and six. I spent time during these lessons teaching about the climate crisis through art. I believe that embracing creativity is the best way to create innovative solutions to our climate questions. The result of my teaching was the creation of these wallpapers, utilising artwork the children made during my lessons.

Innes - Rachel Wallpaper expand
Rachel Innes, School Wallpaper, Acrylic Paint on relief print, 3meters x 3

“Koala” is from my printed series “The Apocalypse Begins”. In October 2020, "Koala" won third place at the EARTH2050 exhibition and competition. The landscape is made through my own printing method where I warp a depiction of a man-made object into an apocalyptic landscape. “Koala” was made during the horrific Australian wild fires where thousands of Koala bears and other animals were killed. This art work seems more prevalent to me now than when I first painted it as the climate change reaches crisis level. If we do not do something now, this is how I imagine the world to look in 2050; the lone Koala bear clinging to the burnt bark of an apocalyptic landscape.

Innes - Rachel Koala expand
Rachel Innes, Koala, Acrylic on relief Print, A2
Innes - Rachel. Apocalypse expand
Rachel Innes, Apocalypse with Varnish, Relief Print, A1
Inne - Rachel Apocalypse in Red expand
Rachel Innes, Apocalypse in Red, relief print, A1
Innes - Rachel Apocalypse in Orange expand
Rachel Innes, Apocalypse in Orange, relief print on coloured varnish, A2
Innes- Rachel Red Squirrel expand
Rachel Innes, Red Squirrel, Acrylic on relief print, A2
Innes - Rachel Wallpapers 2 expand
Rachel Innes, Cyan.RAR exhibition Wallpapers, 5meter wallpaper x 2, 3meter wallpapers x 3
Innes - Rachel Apocalypse in Yellow expand
Rachel Innes, Apocalypse in yellow, Relief print on coloured varnish, A2
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