Sospirando – [to be Performed] in a Sighing Manner considers readiness, striving, and fulfilment. It is an idiosyncratic re-appropriation of productivity.

I position preparation at the centre of my performance practice, teasing the neoliberal ideal of striving, and sensitising the construction of normality. I work with gesture, performance, sound, and moving image, to channel my research into an affective and embodied process.

Recognising familiar gestures as glimpses of unfiltered embodiment, habitual action becomes profound. I propose breath as an anchor and means of rebellion. Re- appropriating bodily metaphors such as the economic pulse, and performative conventions such as common time (4/4), Sospirando diverges from institutional rhythms, leaning into the internal metre of breath. Prioritising embodiment - I trust the body as my authority. The plurality of human-ness underpins each performance and is magnified by the contingent context of performance in a pandemic.

Sospirando is a modular performance unfolding through acts of preparation, attempts at attunement, and interactions with interpersonal dissatisfaction. The work fosters an anticipatory energy in both viewer and performer that elevates minute gesture to spectacle.

Skills & Experience
  • National Galleries of Scotland, International Women’s Day #IWD2021 social media campaign, feature, 2021.
  • You Are Here, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2021.
  • Sharing Research Series, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, artist talk and workshop facilitation, 2020.
  • Field Test, Silvermine Mountains, Munster, Republic of Ireland, remote film screening, 2020.
  • Bothy Project, internship, 2020.
  • Women’s Strike Assembly: National Spring Gathering, Partisan Collective, Manchester, England, Streamed performance lecture, 2019.
THE METRIC IS BREATH - TEMPO DI RESPIRO (Zoom performance), duet by breath, filmed during the 2nd Scottish lockdown.
NOTATIONS OF FUTURE-FIXATION (composition for orchestra), performed here by synthetic orchestra the work's duration is 5 minutes in its disembodied accuracy. Performed as intended, with breath as a metronome the duration ranges between 19-36 minutes.
PRELUDE TO RESPONSIBILITY (filmed dyadic performance and soundtrack).
BORROWING FROM THE THEATRE (visual and spoken score), drawing from the proscenium arch, pre-performance ritual, and written stage directions, Borrowing From the Theatre is an invitation for unseen collectivity.
SOSPIRANDO (video proposal one).
SOSPIRANDO (video proposal two).
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