Project description

BOYHOOD and MANHOOD are intertwined yet separate series; borne out of an interest in dissecting what masculinity is within two differing periods of life.

BOYHOOD is a durational series encapsulating the adolescent stage of Josephine's younger brothers with an emphasis on their relationship with each other and masculinity and how this evolves.

It began upon noticing that her youngest brother still had the build of a child whereas her older brother had begun to take on the physical features of an adult man. When they were younger, they could almost pass for the same age, being only three years between them, whereas now this age gap seems infinitely greater. She captures this distinction from being on the edge of childhood to being on the verge of adulthood.

MANHOOD depicts men in early adulthood and their understandings of masculinity; specifically societal expectations of male behaviour and unpacking what these are and how they are created.

She is interested in personal reflections on the impact of masculinity as this socially constructed ideal and representing this through portraiture paired with natural form studies as well as handwritten interviews.

Both series culminate in individual photobooks as well as an imagined public poster campaign for MANHOOD and framed analogue 16 by 20-inch prints for BOYHOOD.