Project description

This work is an interactive, (web)site-specific artwork, which should be viewed at

'Spectrum' is about chosen families within the LGBTQ+ community. A separate sense of family and community outside their biological one is incredibly important for many people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community as they can be misunderstood or rejected by their biological families and society. Safe spaces are therefore important in terms of a way of finding acceptance, understanding and a place to learn and grow as our authentic selves. My work focuses on Queer joy and portrays an insight into the intimacy and friendship involved in these chosen families. It subverts societal ideas of family and kinship through reappropriation of the family album, questioning constructions of family such as the idealised nuclear, blood family often portrayed in the traditional family album. Participants literally speak for themselves, expressing how they would like their stories to be portrayed by reading aloud letters they have written to eachother in their own voices, these can be listened to at Ideas of colour and light in relation to the scientific term spectrum, which describes the rainbow of colours produced when light passes through a prism, are used as a motif to explore the transcension of boundaries. As the term spectrum relates to an opening up of boundaries and goes against the description of one thing, so too does the idea of a chosen family, which transcends identities, cities and physical spaces.