Project description

Cube project (2020-) explores the interaction between extreme rationality and human irregularities, it is highly associated with the project, Time and Experience (2019-) which looks at the tension between objective time and subjective experience.

The works consist of objective geometrical structures and subjective hand-drawn forms which convey the accumulations of temporal human experiences in the face of dominant and immense time. The flimsiness of her desaturated palette implies gentle precariousness in that it aims to achieve a more intimate and subtle communication. Her works are reminiscent yet tranquil to evoke human nuanced sensations and sensitive memory. 

Digital Installation Rooms
horizontal connection of five rooms
Installation Building (2021) digital collage
a thin cube wall in a room
Cube Wall Room
an installation in a room
Pending Room
a tiny footprint in a room
Footprintonly Room
a thin ladder leans on a thread in a room
Thin Thread and Ladder Room
a staircase faces the wall in a room
Staircase Room
Blocks, Ladders and Cubes


one semi-transparent block and one swimming pool-like block
Untitled (blocks, staircases and ladders) (2021), digital drawing
a pile of blocks, ladders, staircase and a swimming pool-like light green block
a semi-transparent block, swimming pool-like light green block, staircase and a tiny door and weeds, expand
semi-transparent cube wall and a ladder
Cube Wall and Ladder (2021), digital drawing
a semi-transparent cube wall and a fluctuating ladder
a semi-transparent cube wall, a fluctuating ladder and three single cubes
cube tower, its shadow and dust
Cube Tower (2020), marker pen and graphite on paper

Structure — active wildness

I value everyday experience and the observation of surrounding, Window Pipe (2021), Growing Chimney(2021) and Traveled Chimney (2021) are inspired by the experiences of visiting liminal places and observing odd structure of Taiwanese houses in outskirt areas. 

digital drawing, a winding light green pipe with a window-like structure in the end
Window Pipe (2021), graphite on paper and digital edit.
The drawing of a chimney-like structure is on the left side. It is an almost black and white drawing, with some subtle colours and textures added in details
Growing Chimney (2021), graphite on paper and digital edit
an extension of chimney from left to right
Traveled Chimney (2021), graphite on paper and digital drawing
Dense Sculpture

and lingering line 

drawing of a group of irregular sculptures
Drawing of dense sculptures (2021), graphite on paper and digital drawing

The drawing of dense sculptures is inspired by an installation work, Untitled (irregular sculptures and staircase) (2019) (Time and Experience), the sculptures are hollow and semi-transparent to allow the subtle changes of tones in line with the lighting of location. 

The drawing of the dense of sculpture is associated with the organic and unique forms of the original sculpture but are intentionally dense and fixed, they further imply nostalgia, unchangeable memory and solitude. 


grey cement steps and white irregular sculptures
Untitled (Irregular Sculptures and Staircase) (2019)
a dense and black sculpture and a lingering green line
Untitled (dense sculpture and lingering line 2) (2021), graphite on paper and digital edit
a irregular sculpture and a lingering pink line
Untitled (dense sculpture and lingering line 1) (2021), graphite on paper and digital edit
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