Fashion is a never ending cycle of change to coincide current trends within the world. Looking into this, animal print is a trend that is never out of fashion. My work explores the unimaginable possibilities to create bizarre animal human hybrids,. With leopards being my main representative I am exploring all aspects of leopard print, from dressing my leopards up in animal print dresses, to adding bold statement accessories, my models are never out of fashion. Providing these animals with human characteristics is allowing me to explore the fashion industry as a whole to understand how much animal print has been manipulated and shaped into something that is quite unrecognisable. I am able to observe how the slight change of colour or size of the print has changed from the natural animal print. Throughout my paintings, my models are able to shoot in their own fashion magazine and fashion catwalks as though in a real life event. Using a leopard as the main face of my work instead of a human provides you with the overall concept of bizarre and allows your imagination to open up and explore, whilst also educating you in the changes in the fashion industry first hand.

Exploring the concept of how fashion has manipulated animal print. expand
She Walks the Catwalk, 40x70cm, Acrylic on MDF
Manipulation of animal print within the fashion industry. expand
She Walks the Catwalk 40x70cm, Acrylic on MDF

Using photoshop to develop my models into wallpaper samples. Using photoshop allowed me to place these models against contrasting patterns and create bold wallpaper samples. 

Strike a Pose

Exploring the concept further and looking at two very popular prints within the fashion industry. Using prints that are contradictory within the wild and dressing leopards in these outfits. Creating a predator v prey scenario. 

Ensuring that the leopards keep up with the latest trends within the world today and creating some very stylish leoaprds. 

Manipulation of animal print in the fashion industry. expand
Strike a Pose, 100x120cm, Acrylic on Canvas
Catwalk expand
Catwalk, Photoshop Concept
Catwalk expand
Catwalk, Photoshop Concept

Bringing the fashion show to life. Using my models to represent the ideas of animal print and how differently the prints have been perceived within the fashion world. 

Me and You

A development on the idea of relying on animal print daily. The fashion industry relies on animals in a number of ways to produce works, way that we don't always think about. Including a leoaprd within the painting brings a sense of reliability and loyalty to the painting. It is like a pet, we rely on pets in our everyday lives, like the fashion industry relies on animals.

Leopard on leopard expand
Me and You, 100x100cm, Acrylic on Canvas
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