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My practice studies spaces, the objects that occupy them and the relationship between those elements and humans. I believe that, very often individuals become ruled by the characteristics of the spaces they inhabit, and by the objects they own, rather than the other way around. My work usually experiments with the different ways people reacts to diverse objects and spatial arrangements. The physical qualities of our surroundings can also influence our view of the world, the way we behave and our relationship with the earth.

In the current times, the semiotics of different kinds of spaces have radically changed, especially, the meaning of public and private space. We all have experienced a deeper appreciation of both environments, as we have been forced to stay confined in a domestic realm, we have had to think about ways to maximize the space we own. Because of these new restrictions, this year I have experimented with the concepts of domestic and urban space, examining the differences between the objects that inhabit each one of them.

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