I aim to muddle the dichotomy of tame and wild by exploring intimacy and proximity to companion species and de-linearating linear leisure objects. I work collaboratively with a parasite called Toxoplasma Gondii, who gifts me images. This parasite was introduced to me by my now dead cats excrement. I fixate on the domestic cat, and use her as an analogy of femininity, and as an intermediary between tame and wild. I also aim to explore the concealment of natural infrastructure in sports and leisure activities, specifically fencing, using the sports' objects as a physical metonym for themes of competition and evolution. By use of my own invented process, spiralisation, I want to debase and deconstruct the linear forms we consider sophisticated and separated from the natural world. I create narratives exploring popular science, biological quirks and conspiracy falsehoods, in order to better understand our relationships to non-human animals and sites of leisure in the time of ecological crisis.

Instillation showing fencing helmet, swords and a cat expand
'Hang in there baby' Arrangement in ECA, 2021, 200cm w, 150cm l, 120 cm H
Project Description

This instillation was created collaboratively with a parasite I am infected with, that was introduced to by my late cat’s excrement. The cats are aggressive in their posture, though their teeth tails and claws have been docked rendering them silly, harmless, objects to gawk at and video. One of the cats is emmiting a fog; it is catnip, it is fresh and minty. Much like Jesus on the cross, someone’s flip-flop tan-lined feet have been impaled by two foil-like objects cementing them where they stand. There’s a fencing helmet rendered in dough, observing the situation, flaking away and crumbling like a forgotten 3-week-old white bloomer. Theres this big triangle of jenga made to look like parquet flooring, emerging like an upturning iceberg from the floor. These works are means of exploring our relationships with companion species, their histories and natures and how we are reliant and consumed by them. 


fencing helmet made from saltdough expand
Fencing Helmet, 2021, Salt dough and anti-mouse mesh, 32x45x20cm

This cat also has the capabilities of breathing Catnip via an aroma diffuser embedded in the sculpture. Cat-nip is a member of the mint family  but also effects feline behaviour. If a cat were to visit this instillation it would be behaviourally altered. I am interested in these biological quirks. Tactility and its evidence in the final work I find satisfying; finger-marks, rust, tape residue will be sprinkled through these images. In terms of the parquet flooring for example, the glue is what I aim to highlight via flocking

cat and leek covered in salt on a dirty floor expand
Mourning Breath and Rampage, covered in part of a salt circle, 2021
plinth and feet
leek in some wild leek expand
Rampage on Ramp, 2021, salt-dough, leek puree, parquet jenga, bow. 16cm x 12cm
Cat and Fencing Foils in front of a dust sheet expand
Arrangment, featuring 'Foiled Again' and 'Mourning Breath' 2021. 45cm L, 20cm W 120 cm H,
Skills & Experience
  • can knit
jenga sculpture expand
"Park it!", jenga, gorilla glue, flock, 2021
jenga glued together like parquet flooring expand
"Park it!", jenga, gorilla glue, flock, 2012
paintings of cats expand
Series of 2d works, 2021, acrylic, oil, pastel
feet made of saltdough expand
Flip-flop, 2021, saltdough and oil, 31x12cm
Poem over top of me pouring a salt circle with cheap co-op salt
crossed swords expand
Foiled again, 2020, metal,120cm x 15cm x 5cm
close up of handle with salt
close up of handle with salt
rampage with bow
close up