Artist’s Statement

My practice focuses on taking daily life out of context and giving it an artistic identity, through performances, installations and films in both physical and online space.

I focus on seemingly inexpressible feelings from daily life, such as the nature of the ‘gaze' . My works explore the reasons for the current state of the gaze in contemporary Chinese culture and society (such as todays generations experiencing issues caused by social policy). Theoretically my work draws on research into the gaze theory of Lacan, looking at the position of gaze and be gazed. This interest in issues around the gaze and voyeurism is extended into the relationships between the audience, artwork  and artist , when I become to a part of my work.

I expect to provide a position for the audience as a decider or watcher for my “unfinished” work. And they could engage and complete my work with their own feeling and experience.

Fish eye (original work) 06/2019
Fish Eye (front view)

‘The Fish eye’ is an engage-able installation with live performance show.

Audience can watch the artist’s life (player) as live streaming through the camera in fish toy.

Fish view ---


One Child Privacy

‘One Child’s Privacy’ is a surveillance footage film that is made form real life recordings from domestic surveillance monitors. 

The film documents the artist’s domestic life during covid with her parents.

It shows how the one-child policy caused the artist’s parents well meaning attempts to care for their daughter to turn into a system of excessively control. 

The film explores how the one-child policy led to this state of over caring and explores the damage this might be causing to young Chinese adults, specifically in relation to issues around privacy.

One-child Policy 1/16

‘One-Child Policy’ is a online collection of live commenting cat films.

Artist showing her thoughts and concern through the live commenting.

‘One-Child Policy’ is also open online platform, the audience can also leave their comment.

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