Project description

In the era of information explosion with high-speed networks and broadband, a new culture of virtual existence has been constructed seemingly real yet unreal. The culture of video games looks like a tag; however, it is rooted in our society, between the new and the old, the intrinsic and the extrinsic, and the genuine and the fake. Thus, my work attempts to reflect these phenomena.

My current practice sets out to explore the increasingly blurred distinction between our corporal real world with the ever-encroaching technical and digital world that we inhabit through our everyday existence. As a gamer with a software engineering background, I am prone to become immersed and lost at times between these two worlds. My paintings incorporate many registers from video games, augmented reality and virtual reality combined with observational rendering. Alongside painting on canvas my art practice includes audio, digital photography and various media.

I have enjoyed interpreting ideas surrounding "play" and "pretending", which Johan Huizinga has described in his book, Homo Ludens: Study of the Play Element in Culture, (1949). 'Pretending' is one of the core elements of “play”, as well as in the contemporary art world. Under the function of make-believe, it questions, evokes and plays with viewers' attention, creating new registers of beauty and sublimity while audiences synchronise and position themselves in these both familiar and oddly familiar worlds. Painting allows me to incorporate the depiction of real, ordinary and everyday life with imagined spaces and surfaces of the built environment in new compositions. Within my art practice, I invite viewers to this "magic circle" to populate and rethink the relationship between technology and ourselves.


I pretend to be a graffiti artist, roaming in the city, searching a corner to be going to paint, but I only do the graffiti on the canvas, digital images, and videos. This behaviour of mixed reality and virtual reality represents a psychological state of obsession.


Untitled (Pandemic), 2021, 91×72 cm (x2 in each), acrylic colour on canvas.
Student Village
Student Village, 2021, 90 × 70 cm (x2 in each), acrylic colour on canvas.
Rooftop Playing Ground
Rooftop Playing Ground, 2020, 91×72 cm (x2 in each), acrylic colour on canvas.
One Nation under GIMP
One Nation under GIMP, 2021, digital repaint on Photoshop. (30/03/2021 revision)
One Nation under PS
One Nation under PS, 2021, digital repaint on Photoshop. (30/03/2021 revision)
Gate Gods
Gate Gods , 2020, digital repaint on Photoshop. (03 /12 /2020 revision)
Rooftop playing ground mix Reality (360 version)

Our satisfaction increasingly relies on the recognition of the digital realm.

Vince's Game, Graffiti, VR and AR, 2021