Online Exhibition Record Haze Blue

Haze Blue Project

In recent years, there have been frequent abnormal weather and environmental events. The beginning and renewal of Haze Blue Project is to hope that the audience pay attention to environmental issues and make some subtle changes in their daily lives after participating in the project in different places and in different ways to reduce the environmental burden.

Haze Blue Project is presented in a variety of ways, including online virtual spaces, short films, filters, and physical temporary movable spaces. I hope that people with different life circles in different parts of the world know the existence of this project in more ways. With narrative mode and no ending mode, the space is constantly updated from time to time, and accepts feedback and contributions from the audience. Everyone in the world can provide new story ideas for the project through social media or online virtual space. The project author will present each story in different ways and mprove the interaction between the audience and the work.

Haze Blue Project draws color from the sky covered by haze. With the more and more frequent occurrence of haze weather, by exploring the artistic and scientific characteristics of light and color, we pay attention to the psychological and physiological effects of light and color.

Haze Blue Project has two parts. Part One, Haze Blue -- Micro Particles in the Air.  Part Two, NO.8: Plastic Island -- Invasion of Microplastic.  



Episode 01

Haze Blue- Micro particles in the air

Haze Blue Space, through narrative methods, wants to tell how the various life forms that have been shrouded in dense fog for decades have survived, and what new ecological circulation systems have emerged. The story displayed in this space is a beautiful but pessimistic fantasy of the future world. Arrogant people always like to talk about protecting the environment and protecting the earth. In fact, before the birth of mankind, the earth already existed. After the extinction of mankind, the earth will continue to exist. Never need to save the earth. It's us, human itself, to be saved.

Episode 02

NO.8 : Plastic Island - Invasion of Microplastic

"The Eighth Continent", Plastic Island is an island formed by plastic and other garbage. It is located between California and Hawaii in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. It is six times the size of the United Kingdom and is called "The Eighth Continent". This huge garbage island is also known as "the Great Pacific Garbage Strip." Microplastic has now entered all corners of the world. The harm of microplastic is reflected in their small particle size, which is why it is more harmful to the environment than general non-degradable plastic. There is no solution for microplastic. The plastic produced today will age and shatter. It is carried to various places by people, animals, wind and water. Nature will screen out organisms that adapt to the environment. Maybe it is us, maybe not... In the future, there may be new types of organisms and human beings after the invasion of plastic.