Project description

CTGV is a hospital train design to transport Covid-19 patients in their recovery stage to a different location around France. The project is to redesign an interior space inside a French TGV- duplex train to create a better working environment to support medical staff physically or mentally. 

Exterior of Medical staff office 2
Design Concept

Colours and Materials are playing an essential role in this project. It uses to categorise spaces and to create a different type of atmosphere throughout the train. The layout of this train is based on creating a flow between spaces, building flexibility, and maximise the use of the areas. It is aiming to support the work-life balance of medical staff while being inside the train.  

Main space

The main space design of the medical staff meeting room was design to focus on working environment flexibility. The design concept was to create a different atmosphere and zone this space differently from the central design theme by using a different shade of copper and colour of the furniture.

Medical office - Main Space Detail Floor Plan And Section
Medical office - Main Space Section and Detail
Staff office
Medical office - Main Space Section and Detail
Common Area